Friday, November 4, 2016

In Which Adam Breaks His Cardinal Rule and Does a Little Math

Happy to be with you today, Dear Ones!  Let's glance at Master Comics #40!

But I've got to warn you that the CMJ story isn't the greatest.  In fact, let's turn it into a CMNS Saga in Three Panels! (tm!)

Yeah, that was pretty much it.  You want more?

I didn't think so.

So, let's move onto Bulletman, wherein we see the first appearance of the Gag Man:

He seems like a pretty flimsy rip-off of the Prankster, the Superman villain.  Then again, no one ever bought a Superman comic and said, "I'm buying this solely because the Prankster is in it!"  So I guess even DC National would pick its battles every so often.

Anyway, this guy is a lot more trouble than he should be.  It's not like he comes up with anything inventive.  Thusly:

Yes.  This was really how things went down.

Oh, but I'm not finished.  Thusly:

Hmmm... have you ever seen cats around catnip?  If not, let me assure you of one fact: It makes them anything but aggressive.  Basically, it makes their eyes get really big  and they like to roll around with it.  It's hilarious.  But unless the Gag Man shoved the catnip into the Bullets's pants, this should not have been a problem at all.

In any event, remember how efficient Bulletgirl has been lately?  That's over.


Uh-huh.  And then:

DO it, Gag Man!  DO IT!  I Don't think you have the guts!

Moving on to the Minuteman story, check this out:

I did the math and... well I'll be danged.  It was totally possible back in the days of WWII to meet someone who had been around during the Civil War.  They'd be pretty old (like around 90), but it was still completely possible.

Speaking of feeling old, check it out:

For the benefit of people under 30: Back in the days of yore, a soldier would have to communicate with loved ones by sending notes written on a piece of paper ("writing" was like using your hand as a word processor, if that helps) back and forth.  This was a cool little kit to make that easier.  Pretty cool!

See you soon, my lovelies!


Cfl Maior said...

Seeing where the electrodes were attached to in panel #14 - and Bulletgirl's following reaction -, one cannot but think that Gag Man foresaw the Sybian 43 years before it was marketed.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

So Bulletgirl's hair got messed up even though she wears a metal helmet?

Thanks for the wonderful image of the Gagman (who makes me think of Ernest Borgnine) shoving catnips down Bulletman's pants.