Tuesday, September 20, 2016

In Which We THINK Captain Nazi Escaped Custody, but No One is Really That Concerned

Sorry about missing a day, folks.  Those first days back from staycation can be a tad busy.  But now, let's move on to Master Comics #28!

You may recall that when we last left Junior, Captain Nazi had finally been defeated and was incarcerated.

Waitaminute... how did he get out of the slam?

Believe it or not, no one ever mentions it.

Seriously.  Go read the story and see if anyone explains why Captain Nazi is back out there.


Wouldn't that panel have been a pretty cool cover?  Oh, well.  Point is, we're going to meet FDR himself!

I would imagine you would get a little puffed up talking to FDR back in the day.  Anyway, Junior goes behind enemy lines and wanders around as Freddy Freeman:

He apparently does this for no reason other than to look for some butts to kick.  I mean, it doesn't advance his mission in the slightest, but it does give him an excuse to smack around some Hitler-lovers.

And then Junior gets down to business impersonating a Nazi officer to find the missing Mr. Edsel:

But he ain't gonna give a Nazi salute under any circumstances:

I can't really say I blame Junior from a moral standpoint, but that makes him pretty sloppy when it comes to espionage.

Then again, Junior is much more about the butt-kicking.  Thusly:

And as he's leaving with Mr. Edsel, he scoops up Hitler for good measure.  And why wouldn't you if you had the chance?

And instead of delivering Adolph to... I don't know, the military or the police or someone, Junior takes Adolph straight to the President for... I don't know, a lecture?

OOOOOH.... one of Hitler's doubles!  Denied!

But we at least get the image of Adolph behind bars, so that counts for something:

And later, we see that Minute Man finally decided to start wearing a mask.

Why?  Well, it's not explained but I think it's self-explanatory.  Why wouldn't you wear a mask?

See you tomorrow!


Cflmaior said...

To those who only connect the given name "Edsel" to an unfortunate Ford model from 1959 (nowadays mainly remembered because of its peculiarly-shaped front grille), we should remind them that Edsel Ford (thinly disguised in this comic as "Frank Edsel") was a stalwart of U.S. wartime production, setting the goal of producing one bomber per hour at Ford's Willow Run manufacturing complex, where over 8,000 of the total 19,000 B-24 bombers were manufactured. It is said that Edsel actually worked himself to death. (The Consolidated B-24 Liberator holds the distinction of being the most produced heavy bomber in history.)

Adam Barnett said...

Egad, Cfl Major! The cool stuff you know!