Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Are We Sure "The World's Mightiest Boy" Should Actually be Read by Children? Because I'm Starting to Wonder...

My eyes couldn't handle the microfiche copy of Master Comics #29, so after a quick look inside to make sure nothing too awesome was happening, I decided to just show you the awesome cover and move on:

Heh.  Good stuff.  But on to #30!

And it's going to take us two days, so settle in.  Today, of course, we'll look at the Captain Marvel Jr. story:

I presume this was what happened the last time Captain Nazi was locked up and they just kind of glossed over everything.

Anyhoo, he's got a horrifying plan:

Yup.  He just injected poison into all the new recruits.

Wow.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Captain Marvel Jr. stories go to very dark places.  We will get around to the Big Red Cheese to see what his stories were like, but I'll bet they don't compare to Junior's.

So you can see why Junior is kinda aggressive: 

Captain Nazi clearly knows that you don't mess around with Junior, especially after you poison a bunch of American recruits.  Frankly, I'm not sure why Captain Nazi keeps engaging Junior considering Nazi's track record with Junior.  I mean, don't you think you'd be staying far, far away from Junior at this point?  I sure would.

Psh.  As if.

Idiot?  Who's the guy who keeps trying to shoot Captain Marvel Jr.?

Now we know the Marvels are fast ("speed of Mercury" and all that)... but "faster than light"?  Anyone want to confirm or deny this?


Seriously, Captain Nazi... why do you engage Captain Marvel Jr.?

Well, he only has himself to blame.

And you just know Captain Nazi is going to come back for more, even though he is clearly no physical match for Captain Marvel Jr.  It's not even like the Superman/Lex Luthor dynamic where Luthor has some device or Kryptonite or something to even the odds.  Captain Nazi just shows up, kills some innocent people to infuriate Junior, and gets his clock cleaned.  Every time.

Yeesh.  But I love seeing him getting beat up, so I've probably answered my own question.

Come back tomorrow and we'll check out the Bulletman story!  It's a... well, I wouldn't say it's good, but it's worth looking at.

See you tomorrow!

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Smurfswacker said...

Mac Raboy's hyperrealistic art adds to the intensity of these stories. While Cap Sr.'s stories never got this dark, what dark content they had was softened by the cartoony artwork.

It's splitting hairs, but if Captain Nazi could free himself by bending the cell bars, why didn't he just do it right off? But then knowing how CN likes to kill Americans--ho ho ho!--he probably waited for the sentry just so he could chalk up another murder.