Tuesday, May 10, 2016

In Which the Hulk Fights Sting.... Ray.

Still trying to right the ship, Dear Ones.  Things are improving, but days are still so full.  Thanks for bearing with me.

Let's start out with another installment of

Fair Question (tm!)

Fair Question (tm!)

I first encountered Stingray in an issue of The Defenders where they did an impromptu membership drive and nearly every B-lister in the Marvel Universe showed up.  I kinda liked the costume. 

And I'm pretty sure this is a cameo of Archie Bunker from All in the Family:

Archie's wife's name was "Edith," but Archie was a cabbie, so....

Anyway, turns out I underestimated what a jerk Stingray is:

Again, that's a fair point.  And nice aim there, Annie Oakley.

But that led to a very satisfying off-camera smack.  Thusly:

Yeah.  That was a nice one.

And again...

... the Hulk has a point.  When the Hulk has verbally backed you into a corner, you need to seriously reconsider your position.

Which Stingray finally does:

... sorta.  Character growth is a slow process folks.

Anyway, as you might imagine, this was not a particularly challenging fight.  But it gave us another installment of... 

REVENGE!!! (tm!)

Hope to see you soon, Dear Ones!


Gene Phillips said...

Hulk went through a period where his writers just threw him up against any old leftover villain or B-list hero. No wonder fans went crazy for Peter David; he was solid gold by comparison.

Patrick McEvoy said...

I feel so old when you do comics I bought on the stands. Sigh...