Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lots of Catching Up with Silly Hulk Posts

Hey, gang!  Still plowing through a very rough patch.  Ready for 2016 to end.  But I've found a few little tidbits well worth immortalizing from The Incredible Hulk.

First, you may recall that the Hulk killed the Rhino.  But as is often the case in comics, death is rarely fatal:

The old "Waitasec!  He's still breathing!" gambit.  Works every time.  That was from issue #124, by the way.  Here's a classic Dr. Doom moment from issue #143:

No one puts you in your place like Victor Von Doom.

Here was a plot device I think everyone was happy to see go away, from issue #143:

I don't know who thought that was a good idea or what sort of plot twists it would lead to, but I think we can all agree it's best to forget about the time that Doc Samson's strength was literally related to the length of his hair.

Hey!  Here's something I haven't had a chance to say in years!

Shut up, Sue. (tm!)

Yeah!  Thanks, issue #153!

And finally, some awesomeness from issue #194, where the Hulk fights the Locust.

You don't remember the Locust?  Fought the original X-Men.  Not kiddin'.

Anyway, the Locust should appear a lot more often so we can get scenes like these:

And the piece de resistance


Hopefully I'll be able to resume regular posts soon, Dear Ones.  Wake me when 2016 is over.


B Smith said...

Of course, Doc Samson's situation leads to the inevitable "If he's so near-invulnerable, how did he cut his hair?" question, but we'll leave that for lesser minds to ponder :-)

Unknown said...

Welcome back!

I am having similar feelings regarding 2016.