Friday, March 13, 2015

Objection, Your Honor! The Prosecutor is Using Bees!

Let's finish up the week by finishing our look at Hit Comics #1!

That's a pretty unusual bee.  Bees generally die after a single sting, but you'll note that the Red Bee's insect buddies will not only survive the sting, but they can do it without even landing on a person.  Maybe they shoot stingers out of their little butts like missiles.  That would be pretty silly, but we're talking about the Red Bee here, so there's not much further to fall if you know what I mean.

But as silly as the Bee's gimmick was, it not only came in handy when in confronted by a gunman.  Nope.  It was also a very effective form of cross-examination:

Wow.  That was pretty effective, but I'm pretty sure you can't actually physically assault a witness on the stand.  I mean, if there's some new rule that you can, I'm going to incorporate that into my own trial techniques.

Easy there, champ!  Save it for the courtroom.

Moving on to... I'm not sure what this is:

Did you know that phosphorous is the most plentiful mineral in your body?  Yup, right behind calcium.  I would think that drinking water with so much phosphorous in it that vapors are coming off would create a hardening of your organs and a severe loss of bone density, but hey... I'm not a doctor or anything. 

See?  Remember, I'm not a doctor.  Apparently, a bunch of phosphorous in your body enables you to glow and transform your clothing:

Okay, I have no idea why drinking a bunch of phosphorous would enable you to do that.  I also have no idea what "neonic power" is... and Google doesn't either.

But check out how he flies:

HA!  He can't fly in a straight line!  That's hilarious!  And awesome!

And no, it wasn't just that one frame.  See?

I would pay cash money to see this guy in air combat.

Quit fluttering around like a moth and fight like a man!

I can't!  My neonic power only allows me to fly in spirals!

Your *what* power?

Oy!  I'll be curious to see if they stick with that.

See you Monday!


Yael said...

Dude's just lucky this didn't happen to be white phosphorous, considering the way it reacts on the body (do NOT look it up, for your own good). That would have been one very unfortunate Human Torch.

Adam Barnett said...

Yeah, that's why I looked it up, Yael! I thought, "why isn't this guy's face peeling off his skull"? This blog is FULL of edu-tainment!

Unknown said...

The language pedant in me says that they might phosphorescent in the sense of 'glowing in the dark, like phosphorus'.

Even so, if water has vapours rising it off that glow in the dark, you probably shouldn't drink it.