Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Batman vs. Gigantic Sewing Implements

As big of a fan I am of the Gotham tv show, I can't help but notice a distinct lack of gigantic sewing tools:

You know, they may have missed, but I'm impressed at the teamwork the henchmen had to employ to make the scissors work at all.  That was a masterpiece of coordination and a level of cooperation I wouldn't expect from your typical thug.  Catwoman must pay above minimum wage.

Hey, Robin!  Can you make fun of people with speech impediments?  You can?  Great!

Shut up, Robin! (tm!)

There had better be a gigantic sewing machine around there somewhere:


Did you know that Batman used to have a gun that launched the batarang?  Thusly:

(A) That's just lazy and (B) it's just not that impressive if all he's doing is shooting a batarang gun at people.  If he's not willing to put in the effort to actually chuck the batarang, he's phoning it in.

True story: During a particularly nasty fever, I woke up and thought I had to break the window with a batarang.  Fortunately, the hospital didn't have any batarangs laying around.

See you tomorrow!


Yael said...

I dunno, shooting *anything* with a gun as crooked as this is pretty impressive.

Adam Barnett said...

It *had* to be crooked so the batarang would spin around. PHYSICS! :-)

justskimn96 said...

your logic can be golden its hilarious!