Monday, December 13, 2010

Uncomfortable Moral Grounds Monday!

Let's start the week off with a very interesting moment back in Amazing Spider-Man #101, the middle of the classic "Spider-Man has Six Arms" storyline:

Yup.  Peter is mentioning the name of one of DC Comics' most popular characters.  There's a certain amount of testicular fortitude when mention the names of characters from another company.  It's kinda like saying, "Yeah, DC Comics publishes Batman!  We can afford to give them this free plug because we're that much better."  Very ballsy.

Here's a little Something I Find Disturbing (tm!):

Um, I don't care if it's not really Supergirl or just her "double."  That person looks and talks exactly like your cousin and what you are doing is quite creepy.  Let's not do that again.

See you tomorrow!


Britt Reid said...

"Um, I don't care if it's not really Supergirl or just her "double."
That person looks and talks exactly like your cousin and what you are doing is quite creepy."

1) She's the same age as Superman, not a teenager like Kara.
2) Genetically, she's not his first cousin.
In fact, they might not be able to breed at all due to genetic differences. (remember "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex"?)
3) In a number of countries (and several states in the US), marrying your first cousin isn't illegal!
4) If you Google, you'll find a number of message boards that speculate that the Chris Kent/Superboy clone could..."join" with Kara.
(But since a clone is genetically-identical to it's "parent", I'd think the anti-inbreeding argument would still hold...)
I have wayyy to much time on my hands this week! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hated that time period in comics when they were fooling around with supergirl's origins and doubles of her. it made for some creepy moments like this.

like where super-girl from an alteratie dimension who called herself power-girl (not the power girl we all know and love today) met Superman.. Superman oddly seemed to like her much more than he did his own cousin of his own disemsion, and actually seemed to be FLIRTING with her!! never mind that power girl was from a different dimension, she was still genetically his cousin!! he was even looking down her shirt.

Gene Phillips said...

If you believe Old Man Sigmund (not the one with the Sea Monsters), then this sort of "reaction-formation" happens all the time in real life.

If you believed that, then it should be no surprise to find it in fiction.

Which is why I always thought it strange that a Freudian like Wertham was against comics because they were sexy and violent, etc. For a Freudian that should be an unavoidable consequence of being a human being!

The Fastest Centaur Alive said...

Kryptonians were an endangered species at that point - sometimes you have to crossbreed closely related specimens!