Wednesday, December 15, 2010

As Soon as I Touched the Fluid, It Got All Sticky Wednesday!

From Amazing Spider-Man #107:

Ever the fearsome negotiator, J.Jonah would often employ "fingers crossed," "takesies backsies," and "do-over!" to gain the upper hand.

And now, perhaps the most infamous Fun with Out of Context Dialogue(tm!) panels ever, from Amazing #108:

Good old Harry Osborn, the consummate wingman.  I almost left out the third panel just to be vulgar, but we try to keep it clean around here.  Sorta. 

Hey!  It's the Disapproving Disembodied Floating Head of Kraven the Hunter! (tm!), from Amazing #111!:

And the monkey-looking guy is, of course, the Gibbon.  I rather liked the Gibbon, because he had a suitably tragic origin and was motivated by a desire to be taken seriously, which made him a somewhat sympathetic character.  He certainly didn't deserve to be chastised by a Disembodied Floating Head (tm).

See  you tomorrow!


MarvelX42 said...

Spidey beating the stuffing out of Firelord, but he gets defeated by the Gibbon???????????????????????

Jack Norris said...
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Jack Norris said...

I always wanted them to do an Ultimate Gibbon, who would incessantly, infuriatingly hoot like a real gibbon, and at earsplitting volume.
You could have Spidey getting all frustrated trying to do his banter over the constant "WAH-HOO! WAH-HOO! WAH-HOO!" noise.