Thursday, August 11, 2016

In Which You Can Make Your Own Pearl Necklace Jokes Because I'm Not Gonna

So, gang, as you know this has been a heck of a year for me.  It has been one challenge after another and if I don't experience another year like it for the rest of my life, I will not complain.  And I'm not complaining now.... I am still so very lucky in so many ways, but Beloved and I have been dealing with medical issues this year and we still may not be out of the woods yet.

So, we're going back to "Adam will post when he can," but I will try and let you know if there's going to have to be an extended break.  That seems fair.

Now, let's check out Master Comics #115, because I'm going through the Peter David years in The Incredible Hulk, and that's a very shallow pond when you're looking for things to make fun of.  Peter David knew how to write an Incredible Hulk story, that's for sure.

Now I'll forewarn you that Master Comics as a whole is kinda meh.  You'd buy it for the Captain Marvel Jr. story, but then you'd also have to get a bunch of boring stuff you kind of resented paying for you.  It's like your typical cable tv situation.  Did I tell you we cut the cord a couple of years ago?  I've saved dang near two thousand bucks by just buying a digital antenna and streaming Hulu for 8 bucks a months.  Suck it, cable company!

But buy the comic you would, because you don't want to miss out on moments like this:


Let's see it again!

Well, Jerry was onto something so it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to imitate Jerry.

Anyway, everyone is acting like dogs and, like dogs, they're behaving in a "not quite sexual but still rather disturbing" sort of way:

Ah, it's Sivana Jr.  And Sivana Jr. supposedly doesn't know Freddy Freeman is Captain Marvel Jr., which is why Cap changed back to Freddy to infiltrate Sivana Jr.'s lab in the first place.

But then this happens:

Yup.  He says the magic word, lightning strikes indoors, Captain Marvel Jr. appears and no one makes the connection.  We'll have to get used to that because it happens a lot in comics involving the Marvel Family.

So then there were some boring stories about cowboys and jungle explorers.  Then, I encountered this thing called Ozzie and Babs.  And I know we're into #115 of Master Comics, so it's not like I'm getting in on the ground floor here.  But this is what I got from it:

By the way... Random Slap! (tm!)

And then...

Uh-huh.... Random Slap! (tm!)

And then there was this:

Wow... even Babs is getting in on the Random Slap (tm!) action!  There's a lot of domestic abuse going on in their social circle.

But then...

Well, girls, maybe the fellas got tired of all the Random Slaps! (tm!)

And then there are ads:

So, naturally, I had to see who Rocky Lane was.  Apparently, he was a B-movie actor whose claim to fame was.... are you ready?

He was the voice of Mister Ed!

Fun fact!

And then I saw this:

Man, would I love to see one of these.  I ran a search on the Google, and only found sweaters based on the current Marvel Comics' Captain Marvel.  Who is okay, I guess.... but she's not really Captain Marvel.  According to me and it's my blog.

We'll take it a day at a time, Dear Ones!  Check back tomorrow!


Doc Reasonable said...

Great to see you back at it Sir, I've been enjoying your comic genius for many, many days now!
Please stay well, and all the best.

E. Bernhard Warg said...

Judging by the ad copy and IMDB, you should be able to see the sweaters in the 1950 film "The Good Humor Man."