Tuesday, March 1, 2016

In Which Giant-Man's Powers Confuse Me and We Learn Stuff About the Hulk's Personality. And Rick Jones is Still a Schmuck.

On to Tales to Astonish #62!  This ish has me asking all kinds of questions about how Giant-Man's powers work:

And you know, I certainly thought there was more it.

Guess I was wrong:

I always thought that Pym had to treat a person with Pym Particles in order to make them subject to changing size.  If it's just a matter of the particles in the suit, why would that make all of a person's innards grow large?  I mean, just because a suit grows doesn't mean my body would grow with it.  I realize Hank is the big-shot scientist and I'm just a doofus scratching my head about things, but can someone explain this to me?

See?  How does someone who simply puts on the Giant-Man costume get all huge?  And why does it work in reverse:

Yeah, apparently you can really be Giant-Man, but I'm not sure how that's working.

But check this out: 

Take note, fellas: A woman's oath means nothing.  Way to represent, Jan!

On to the Hulk story:

I was certain we'd already seen this panel, because you can't forget how much of a jerk Rick Jones is being there.  "You still are going on about your dead partner, Cap?  Yeesh.  I've got a plane to catch!"  But I couldn't find it anywhere, so there it is.

Anyhoo, the Chameleon shows up and we learn that Banner was working on this:

This is an interesting reminder that Banner is there to develop weapons for the military.  He's not looking to figure out how to bring water to deserts or find a cure for cancer.  Making weapons was the man's job long before the Hulk came around, so we can't forget that Banner has no problem with "better dying through science." 

But the HULK has a problem with it!:

That's really rather fascinating.  The Hulk, who is the personification of rage, is more inclined to save lives than Banner is.

I know, right?

Mind. Blown.

See you tomorrow! 


Unknown said...

Stan Lee had some real issues with women, didn't he?

Richard said...

I always thought Rick came off as total ass too.