Monday, August 10, 2015

Superman vs. Guy Wearing Green who Shoots Arrows. Prepare for Disappointment.

Let's start the week with a finish of Superman #13, which had a character that made me pause:

Green Arrow, is that you?

Turns out it was "the Archer," which is a very descriptive name but not much pizzazz.  He's more interesting because he certainly looks like Green Arrow

WHO.... true story, first appeared in More Fun Comics #73, which was the November, 1941 issue.

This issue of Superman?  November, 1941.

Mind.  Blown.  Right?

I'll let you absorb that for a moment.

Okay.  Moving on:

Well, that sure went from "official police business" to "release it all to the media" rather quickly.  The Fourth Estate had some considerable sway over law enforcement in Metropolis.

This story is considered by most to be the first "official" appearance of Jimmy Olsen:

Jimmy apparently liked to change his hair color as he went from room to room:

Jimmy hadn't yet partaken in the sweet, sweet jauntiness of a bow tie, but he developed his death wish quite early in the series:

And so begins the never-ending cycle of Lois getting in trouble and Jimmy being only slightly helpful by barely keeping Lois alive until Superman shows up:

And then we had this:

Insert your own Walter James Palmer, DDS joke here.  We like to keep it topical here at CMNS!

Let's leave today with a cheap gag, shall we?

It was at that moment that Lois decided to give up finding dates on Craigslist.

See you tomorrow!


Cflmaior said...

Adam, one need not blow his/her mind:artists don't "plagiarize": they "paraphrase" or "cite", at most they "borrow". It may even happen that "they have the same idea at the same time", as it was established when, in 1946, Merrie Melodies released Rhapsody Rabbit simultaneously with MGM's The Cat Concerto, both featuring the selfsame central gag of a mouse pestering a piano player (Bugs Bunny and Tom, respectively) during the performance of Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody #2.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

The archer actually looks more like the guy in the green suit in The Inferior Five.

Adam Barnett said...

Good one, Cfl! I remember Rhadspody Rabbit, but didn't know of the Tom and Jerry version. Yeah, there's a lot of that... like that issue of Lightning Comics we read previously where both Flash Lightning and the Raven fought a different crook calling himself the Eel.

And Wayne is referring to the Blimp! Oddly enough, the Inferior Five had an archer character called White Feather, but this guy today did indeed look a lot like more like the Blimp.

Gene Phillips said...

Still, there might be more of a link between Archer/Green Arrow than between the two cartoons 'cause Mort Weisinger is always cited as the writer-creator of Green Arrow, and MW was also associated with the Superman comic in some capacity (I'm not sure exactly what, because in different accounts it sounds as though both he and Jack Schiff shared duties on the various Super-titles). Still, I like the idea that MW might have had major envy-issues about the success of both Superman and Batman-- the latter being the character Green Arrow is most patterned upon.

OTOH, costumed archers were nothing new. I think there's a solo comics feature called "the Arrow" that appeared before either of these. Also, writer Edgar Wallace did a "mystery man" novel, THE GREEN ARCHER in either the 20s or 30s. The Wallace novel is best known for being adapted as a serial in the very early 40s.