Thursday, May 7, 2015

Not a Lot Under the Hood

Dear Ones, I'll be taking a brief break until Monday, May 18th to take care o'business and whatnot.  It's not as long as it sounds... really, I'm just going to be gone tomorrow and next week.  So, amuse yourselves and I will look forward to seeing you then.

But before I fade mysteriously into the shadows, let's take a look at Cat-Man Comics perennial backup feature, the Hood.

Yeah.  That's him.

Now take a look at these guys he's fighting, the Yellow Horde.

Look again:

Look familiar?

Let me help you out a bit:

Yup.  Marvel's A.I.M. sure does bear a striking resemblance to the Yellow Horde from decades earlier.  Same practically-all-yellow uniforms and unweildy headgear.  I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but it sure is a coinkydink.

The Hood was pretty unremarkable, but it didn't take much to hold onto a backup feature in Cat-Man Comics.  I mean, if you were willing to part with your dime to read about Cat-Man and his sidekick "Kitten," your standards were probably fairly low to begin with.

But he did have this moment that is well worth noting.

It's an old gag that a bad guy will empty his gun and then, out of sheer frustration, throw it at the hero.  Obviously, this is a desperate, ineffective thing...

... unless you do it to the Hood. 


The Hood's real name was Craig Williams and I'm not sure he had any powers.  Everything I found about him on the Google repeatedly says, "he has no superpowers."


... I have no answer for that.

See you on the 18th!  Have a good week!

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Yael said...

I just gotta say that calling the Horde guys 'strangely garbed' is a bit rich, considering the Hood is wearing yellow tights with a red loincloth and blue cape-plus-gimp-mask combo. I mean, at least *they* made some effort at coordinating.