Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When Evil Threatens, I Must Appear If I Feel Like It!

Having a little old-fashioned CMNS fun with America's Best Comics #24:

Well... meow, meow, Bob!


Some folks take Ebay a bit too seriously.

I haven't gotten around to saying this yet, but here's my beef with the Fighting Yank.

I mean, besides his name.

And that stupid hat.  

No, my issue with the Fighting Yank is that there was no real element of danger to the character, ever.  You see, whenever he got in a jam, his ancestor would intervene.  Thusly:

That's my beef with Superham, only this is even more ridiculous.  It's hard to feel any suspense when his ancestor is going to reach down like the Spectre and keep anything bad from really happening to him.  He even picks up the Yank's clothes:

That is one co-dependent ghost.  

Then, of course, I get into the issue of "If the Yank's ancestor can intervene like that, why doesn't he just get rid of all the bad guys himself?"   And you aren't supposed to bring logic into comics, but I don't know that this has ever been explained away and it's a perfectly valid question.

Oy.  Let's make Baby Ruth cookies!

Well, girlie, your mom totally lied.  I'm sure they are all kinds of tasty, but if your mom says they're good for you, she needs parenting classes.

See you tomorrow!

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