Friday, December 14, 2012

Sure, I Could Capture Criminals without Causing Major Property Damage, but Where's the Fun in That?

A few more moments from All-Flash #12:

Okay, I'm just not buying that Jay can throw human beings through the wall of a bank safe and not kill them. They can draw in as many wiggly lines as they like, he totally snuffed those poor bastards.

I, for one, don't just love the "Three Dimwits," but every once in a while, they tickle me:

Okay, that's just funny.

Lastly, I've heard some rumblings as to where Keystone City is, but I have conclusive proof...

... that it's in Texas.

Whee!  That's enough silliness for one day!  See you Monday!


James Robert Smith said...

So now we know. It all makes sense.

Gernot said...

It's kind of amazing, how CHEAP life was back in the Golden Age, isn't it? Then it got so no one killed anyone, and now we're at the stage where it's almost preferable for Superman and Batman to kill Luthor and Joker.