Friday, April 8, 2011


Guys, thanks for the kindness in your comments.  I hope to hear from all of you.

I couldn't resist sharing a happy moment.  Remember this guy?

It appears the shelter kept him.  Click here to adopt the most awesome dog in the world.  I hope he gets a wonderful home, because he deserves it.

But this happy ending is rare.  Please keep the pet population down, and microchip your beloved pets.

All the best,



D.B. Echo said...

That is a fantastic postscript!

I happen to know a surprising number of Oklahomans who are sideshow performers. I've passed this on to them via Facebook and have asked them to spread the word locally. I wish he weren't so far away from Pennsylvania!

Unknown said...

please let us know if and or when doggy gets adopted. At least one doggy can have a happy ending.

jce0621 said...

I see he's no longer listed on Petfinder, I hope that means he's found a home.

Adam Barnett said...

They took it down pretty quickly, which is a good sign that he found a home. I'm not surprised... he was quite the charmer! :-)