Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Classic Cover Commentary, pt 4

Despite the awesome cover, Batman #321 was quite lame. The scene on the cover never takes place (and no, tying people to giant candles on a birthday cake doesn't count and takes it from a deliciously sinister plot to something a two year-old would write). Why this ended up in The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told I don't know - they should have just printed this awesome cover. As it is, I want my 40 cents back.


Sleestak said...

You can ad a bowl of monkey poop to your Lucky Charms and call it a part of a complete breakfast. And it is. It's just not the best part of one.

I'm sure this story is included in "The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told" because content was needed and could only be picked from a thin field.

Yet somehow, 'Joker's Boner' is not part of the collection.

Adam Barnett said...

Well said! I just don't understand how "Joker's Boner" or "This One'll Kill You, Batman" were left out, while that lame-o was tacked on. Arrrgh! Comics! Why must you break my heart so???