Monday, December 28, 2015

And He Will Hug Superman and Pet Him and Squeeze Him and Call Him George...

And we're back!  Hope you had a great one!

Let's start with some Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!) from Superman #264

Yeah, Perry's the boss.  What else can you do?

Check this out from Superman #266:

Come on, Superman!  Just knock Frosty's hat off his head!  I've seen it work a million times in the cartoon.

Fast forward to the incredibly-advanced World of Krypton from Superman #268:

They just have science on Krypton we can't begin to understand.

See you tomorrow!


anthrax2525 said...

A table with wheels? That's just crazy talk...

Il Distratto said...

Dr. Phoenix ruined my life. I knew I'd have to have my own library of "Phoenix Papers". Why couldn't I have been a snowman instead?