Monday, November 24, 2008

Staycation Update

Hi, Dear Ones!

I'm enjoying my staycation and haven't accomplished much of anything, which is the purpose. I am on Day Three of a nine day break (counting weekends), and I only had to use 3 days of vacation. Sweet!

Beloved wanted to say hello to everyone and to have a safe holiday! We saw the third Mummy movie, and it was *much* better than the recent Indiana Jones movie. It was only worth watching once, but we it delivered what it promised (and with a lot more imagination and enthusiasm than the Indy movie did).

We also, at Friend Kyle's suggestion, watched Casino Royale. I will tell you, Beloved and I are not James Bond fans. The last Bond movie she watched was Octopussy and the last one I saw was A View to a Kill, so it's been awhile. Like 20 years.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Beloved and I are now James Bond fans. Daniel Craig was amazing, and this new version of Bond is the best reboot since Wally West replaced Barry Allen. I think what worked for us is that missions went wrong, Bond didn't emerge from every situation without a scratch and well.... he wasn't so dang perfect. Granted, the poker game plot was kinda stupid, but who cared?

Big thumbs up. We can't wait to see Quantum of Solace. I also think Laura finds Daniel Craig a little easy on the eyes, but you've gotta be secure in your manhood, yes you do! Based on the comments, you guys are pretty hard on movies, but when you see them for a buck like we do, the pressure is off.

Anyway, I miss you guys. I'll be back next week with more silliness! Hope it goes well for you! If your family gets on your nerves, just hang in there and we'll get back in our silly groove soon.

God bless!


Thomas Fummo said...

I loved Casino Royale, I'm glad you enjoyed it too.

I also cannot wait to see Quantum of Solace, it looks pretty Bond-tastic.

I shall keep on hanging until the silly groove returns :-D

SallyP said...

Daniel Craig IS rather easy on the eyes. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Quantum of Solace picks up almost immediately after Casino Royale (with cheese)
If you liked it, you'll like QoS.

Sea-of-Green said...

Good for you! :-D I've been a James Bond fan my entire life, and I LOVE Daniel Craig -- he's easily one of the best Bonds. :-) Casino Royale is also closer to the actual book than any other Bond movie. Glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

i'm new... anticipation to post round more time after time!

Anonymous said...

i'm new... promise to post around more regularly!