Monday, November 10, 2008

The Fantastic Avengers Monday!

Hey, Dear Ones! It's great to be back! Alas, there will be no posting tomorrow because of Veteran's Day, but here's an extra-large post to fill your peepers with random comic goodness!

In Avengers v1 #41 and 42, it was pretty obvious that Stan Lee was writing both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four at the same time. I know it's been a good year since we've picked on the FF, but see if this doesn't bring back some classic Comics Make No Sense themes:

Yes, having Hercules join the team was great, but now that the Scarlet Witch is back to full strength (whatever that is), they can really get down to business. Shut up, Wanda. Don't you have some sewing to do?

And why is she doing a handstand? Seriously, I could reprint the whole page, and you still won't understand why Wanda is doing a handstand. I mean, she uses her power by.... I dunno, pointing at stuff. What's she doing there?

Hey! It's.... Diablo!

Yes, the villain whose name you cannot say without taking a dramatic pause.....Diablo!

Yes, I would like to order a pizza, please. Have it sent to my castle.

Certainly, sir, and what name would that be under?

I am....



Sir? Your name please?

Infidel! You have made me start over! Wait ten seconds after I finish speaking.

Oh.... ok.

Yes, like that! My name is....



Diablo! ..... and I have a coupon.


Diablo wants the help of superguy/scientist Reed Richards Henry Pym. How will he get Richards Pym to do his bidding?

By kidnapping the Invisible Girl Wasp! What a bold, not-even-kind-of-overdone plot device!

And, then we get a shot of Hercules eating grapes:

And even when he's just sitting around eating grapes, he's still more interesting than the Wasp and the Scarlet Witch combined. That's why they never show you a pic of the Wasp or the Scarlet Witch just sitting around eating grapes.

In a rare moment of self-awareness, Hawkeye realizes that, although he is virtually identical to the Justice League's Green Arrow, he will never be remotely as cool, largely because Green Arrow scored with Black Canary and had a kid sidekick with a heroin problem. Take that, Stan Lee!

You don't often see Hercules get smacked. That's a classic moment in comics right there. "By the Zestful Zither of Zeus" is going to be my line of choice the next time I'm taken by surprise.

And, due to an unfortunate coloring error, Goliath loses his pants for one panel as a perplexed Quicksilver looks on. :

By the Zestful Zither of Zeus! Well, that didn't take long, did it?

With respect and thanks to our veterans!

See you Wednesday!


Aaron Carine said...

By the perky pantaloons of Persephone!

Anonymous said...

I’ve been reading some of the collections of 60s Superman and Batman comics and they used the … {{Dramatic pause}} … all the time. Even when a {{Dramatic pause}}wasn’t necessary.

Clark is {{Dramatic pause}} Superboy!

It’s … the world of my birth ... and that’s my ... Jor-El and I see he’s talking to ... a guy I don’t know over by ... the… window And that’s… William Shatner… talking… about… strange… new… worlds

Dan said...

I think it was Roy Thomas channeling Stan, as Roy wrote those issues of Avengers.

SallyP said...

Zestful Zither? How the heck would Zeus even know what a Zither WAS? Lustful Lute I could see.

Yeah, Wanda didn't really do much, so I can't see that being almost at full strength is going to do much for the team. Maybe it means she won't get hurt as badly, the next time she faints in the middle of a fight.

Sea-of-Green said...

I suppose Hawkeye could change his name to the Purple Arrow or something. Honestly, though -- it's hard enough to take archer heroes seriously without Hawkeye's choice of color schemes.

Thomas Fummo said...

painting all his arrows a certain colour? SERIOUSLY?

and that hercules-getting-smacked panel is the funniest thing ever.

thanks for sharing the good cheer! :-)