Monday, July 14, 2008

Open Letter to foldedsoup Monday!

Dear foldedsoup,

What makes a successful blog? Well, a big part of it is to be persistent. This blog averages a couple hundred hits a day, and I think that's because folks know that when they pop in, there will be something new. It won't necessarily be as funny as I might have thought it was at the time, but at least it will be something new.

soup, when you blow off your blog, you blow off your readers. They deserve better than that. Not only do you disappoint thems that check in on a daily basis and leave with nothing more than old posts drying up under the figurative heat lamp, but you lose your own edge, which cheats your readers out of the best foldedsoup you can give them.

Case in point:

Isn't that hilarious? Do you know how long it took me to crop that picture out of World's Finest #61? Less than 15 seconds. The foldedsoup I know never would have missed this opportunity.

It's no secret I loves me some foldedsoup, and I deserve it. Accept this figurative kick in the fanny in the loving spirit in which it was administered, and get back in the saddle, cowboy!

Now then, on to more All-Star Comics #4:

You can tell this was an old comic because I haven't seen a working oil well in about twenty years. Our only claim to fame these days is that we outlawed tattoos until a few years ago, but cock fighting was perfectly legal.

An amazing transformation takes place.... as a man changes his clothes. To be fair, a guy changing his clothes in Oklahoma (unless it's to put on yer church-goin' overalls) is pretty amazing. I keed! I keed!

My powers are wearing off, and the bad guys are getting away! I know.... I'll KILL THEM ALL!

This is impressive.... most of the black clouds I send forth (usually after eating at Chili's) don't have the power of cognitive thought....

... but I'll be damned if the FBI doesn't think twice about following it. What's that, black cloud? Timmy and Grandpa are trapped up on Bear Mountain? Show me, boy!


Anonymous said...

Gracious. In the light of those last two scans, the comics of Fletcher Hanks seem... positively sensible.

Aaron Carine said...

Most of the Golden Age heroes seemed to be as ruthless as the Punisher. "I could take these hoods in,but I'll save the courts the trouble and throw them over this cliff." Perhaps the fact that there were still lynchings in those days had something to do with it.

FoldedSoup said...

I... I...

I'm so ashamed...



SallyP said...

Oh Soup. Fight back the tears.

And the idea that the FBI takes Crime tips from a floating black sentient cloud suddenly makes all the decisions that they and Homeland Security have made in the past few years Make Sense!

Nick Danger said...

Boy oh Boy!... We get to round up Spies!

I feel like that frame makes the FBI look like the Mickey Mouse Club!

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am impressed with how the writer of the letter that Hourman has knew precisely where his thumb would be, and thoughtfully kept the text out of the way so he could read it without having to move the poor malformed thing.

The Mad Tinkerer said...


Let me get this straight: some guy in an hour man suit is standing by a burning oil well. There is a wrecked car in the oil well with several dead, burning bodies. The guy in the suit immediately says "You foreman and his friend were spies! You'll have no more murders!" in a not-at-all-suspicious way.

Then the guy in the suit casually mentions assaulting a bunch of other workers and suggests "rounding them up". This is while he's looking through a "valise" of vital evidence. He then says "I'll take care of this." in a not-at-all-suspicious way.

What do the guys (who I presume work at this place) do? They take the guy in the mask's word for everything and completely ignore the fact that he's "taking care" of evidence right in front of their eyes! But it's all right, because obviously the guy in the suit wouldn't have killed the foreman and his friend if they weren't spies!

I know Marvel comics weren't around at this point, and everyone trusts masked vigilantes in the Golden Age, but these guys are just morons!

The Mad Tinkerer said...

Seriously: isn't it convenient that the bodies are burned beyond all recognition and the helpful guy in the hourman suit is around to identify who they were?

Morons, I tells ya!

Okay, I need to calm down. It's just a comic from my Grandparents' time, not Shakespeare...

The Mad Tinkerer said...

Oh and the FBI trusting the "cloud of darkness" isn't nearly as ridiculous. The cloud is obviously supernatural (so it couldn't be just a crook in a suit) and immediately confirms "The spy roundup promised you has begun!", something only the FBI and the mysterious promiser would know.

At the very least, it would make sense to follow up on a lead like this, especially if it's a talking cloud. Of course, when they get to the oil well and hear about all the shenanigans and how the workers just let a not-at-all-suspicious stranger walk away with vital evidence... They'll logically be happy that Hourman was around to help out.

It's too bad this happens in the DC universe, because it really vindicates Tony Stark regarding the Marvel Civil War. Shenanigans!