Thursday, July 10, 2008

All-Star Fourthin' Thursday!

So much All-Star Comics #4 goodness.... let's get goin'!

The picture of confusion:

Wow. No one seems to know which end is up, do they? I especially like that those two guys working down in the boiler room think the super-fast guy with the lightning bolt on his shirt and the winged hat might.... just might, mind you.... be the Flash.

I don't know what that means, but I'm pretty sure it's inappropriate.

What is with the expression on Alan's face? Sabotage? Like you've sabotaged my heart, darling? Kiss me, you fool!

Did I miss a meeting? When was Green Lantern's ring vulnerable to glass?

Germany's fatal mistake. You can invade France all you like, but you don't jack with stuff like our radio reception. This means war!

Yes, his was a tragic, yet noble and heroic death..... well, see ya!

And I'll see you tomorrow!


Aaron Carine said...

Hey,did ya want the Lantern to cry like a big sissy? It wasn't sensitive 70s guys who beat the Nazis,by gum!

De said...

I'll bet those guys in the boiler room invented techno music and black leather buttless chaps.

Nick Danger said...

Geez... It makes me think of a one night stand... Kiss me you fool... I have needs... PEACE! I'm outta here.

Erich said...

Actually, in the very first Green Lantern story, his weakness WAS anything I recall, he got taken down by a wooden club in that story, but he concluded "guess I'm only immune to metals," rather than "I'm only vulnerable to wood." It wasn't until later on that his weakness was more strictly defined.

SallyP said...

Oh gosh, both Jan AND Alan. I am in heaven. They're such manly men.

Anonymous said...

Miserly = cheap. People my parents' age say that cheap people are "tight with money". Hence, tighter than a miserly Scotchman. I'm not sure what a Scotchman has to do with this (aren't they called Scotsmen anyway?) but my guess is the Ohioans understand, as they do so many things that elude the rest of us.

Man, GL sure does know how to ruin an exit. I love it that he's flying away backward, like he doesn't dare turn his back on her until he's well away.

Adam Barnett said...

I love that in that last panel, Alan seems to be looking at his watch as he flies away!