Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Head-Scratchin' Tuesday!

You wonder how the people from the past will react to your gift? I know this falls in the realm of "Did Adam and Eve have navels" type of question, but if you're from the future and you send something to someone in the past, wouldn't you know how they reacted to your gift before you even sent it?

I'm overthinking it, aren't I? Yes, I probably am.

How stupid can the Commissioner be? I mean, he's got Oliver and Roy, a blonde and a redhead, standing right in front of him talking about Green Arrow and Speedy, also a blonde and a redhead. Same height, same build.... heck, same voice! Still, he can't put it together. It's great that you're personal friends with Green Arrow, Mr. Queen!

At least Bruce and Dick were smart enough to keep out of Commissioner Gordon's Office as much as possible.

Can someone tell me what the actual advice here was? I mean, it seems like all he did was define the problem, which is the first step at solving it, but it doesn't really solve it. Am I expecting too much counselling from a comic strip? I guess Dr. Phil isn't exactly a technical adviser here.


D.B. Echo said...

After that conversation, Brokeback Acres Farm became a very popular summer spot for lonely young men looking to meet other lonely young men to develop those close, special relationships.

Anonymous said...

You gotta remember-Overthinking is the archenemy of Silver Age Goodness. 95% of the stories fall apart if logic is applied.

Sea-of-Green said...

Oh, the commissioner probably knew about Ollie and Roy all along. He just played along to humor them: "Yes, YES, you're Green Arrow's friend. Whatever you say, Mr. Queen. *Snicker*."

De said...

What you need is a friend, Frankie. See ya!

Tommy! said...

They seem kinda Gaayyyy!
( Not that there's anything wrong with that, ha ha ).

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